Morgan Freeman on Directing "Madam Secretary," the 2016 Race

Actor Morgan Freeman joined CBSN to discuss his role behind the scenes of the hit show "Madam Secretary," as well as his involvement in the Democratic National Convention, and his unusual hobby: raising bees in his spare time.

NY Tour Monkey Offers Song-by-Song Stroll Through Hamilton's Life

THEATRE | Sep 29
NY Tour Monkey launched a new walking tour this month based on the hit musical "Hamilton." Dubbed "Hamilton the Tour," it follows song by song Hamilton's rise and eventual fall as New York's foremost Founding Father.

Review :: Masterminds

MOVIES | By Kevin Taft | Sep 29
The Galinafiakis, Wiig, McKInnon, Jones, Sudekis, Wilson all-star vehicle, which is based on a true story, fails to master tone or the funny bone, which might explain why it sat on the shelf for so long.

Review :: The Wonder Years - Season Six

TELEVISION | By Michael Cox | Sep 28
As season six weaves its way to the final episodes of the series, the "wonder years" for our narrator Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and his childhood sweetheart Winnie (Danica McKellar) have really passed.

Disney to Make Live-Action 'Lion King,' Favreau Directing

MOVIES | Sep 28
The animated classic "The Lion King" will be the latest Disney film to get a live-action remake.