A Year in Review: The 10 Best Episodes of TV of 2016

TELEVISION | By Jason St. Amand | Dec 10
Counting down the 10 best episodes of TV in 2016.

Review :: The Boston Strangler

MOVIES | By Jake Mulligan | Dec 9
Directors like Lee and Fincher might not have inherited the split-screen technique, but Fleischer's eye for the oft-ignored nuances and details of crime stories was a sure influence on a whole generation of procedural films that followed.

Review :: La La Land

MOVIES | By Frank J. Avella | Dec 9
This film is an homage to the Hollywood musical and French New Wave cinema funneled through a young filmmaker's highly inventive, and paradoxically modern, take on the rom-com, via directorial influences that span decades.

Review :: Hairspray Live! Original Soundtrack Of The NBC Television Event

MUSIC | By JC Alvarez | Dec 9
Welcome back to the '60s, where the hair is high and the message is clear -- "Hairspray Live!" the Original Soundtrack of the NBC Television Event proves that you can't stop the beat as this modern day classic plays on!

Cue the Music, Cue the Drama! Lee Daniels Introduces 'Star'

TELEVISION | By Frazier Moore | Dec 9
The title of Lee Daniels' latest venture, "Star," might very well identify this celebrated producer-director-writer. His films include ''Precious" and "The Butler," while two seasons ago he roared into series TV with Fox's smash music drama "Empire."