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Winter Movie Preview

By Mike Halterman | Dec 10
Winter is a season that is very conducive to cuddling up with someone special and watching a good movie. Once you've exhausted all of the holiday programming and everything on-demand, go to the movie theater.

Review :: The Boston Strangler

By Jake Mulligan | Dec 9
Directors like Lee and Fincher might not have inherited the split-screen technique, but Fleischer's eye for the oft-ignored nuances and details of crime stories was a sure influence on a whole generation of procedural films that followed.

Review :: La La Land

By Frank J. Avella | Dec 9
This film is an homage to the Hollywood musical and French New Wave cinema funneled through a young filmmaker's highly inventive, and paradoxically modern, take on the rom-com, via directorial influences that span decades.

Review :: Spa Night

By Dale Reynolds | Dec 9
A Korean-American gay teen has to bridge his parents' culture, as well as his American one, with his sexuality.

Acclaimed Actress Helen Mirren on New Movie, "Collateral Beauty"

Dec 9
Mirren joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her unusual role in her newest movie, "Collateral Beauty," as an actress hired to portray death.

Review :: Miss Sloane

By Roger Walker-Dack | Dec 9
This film may finally give Miss Chastain the Best Actress Oscar that she has been nominated for twice in the past.

Review :: The Brand New Testament

By Kevin Taft | Dec 9
The director of the near masterpiece "Mr. Nobody" enters Wes Anderson territory with a relentlessly quirky tale that is much ado about nothing.

Talking 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' with Joe Alwyn & Kristen Stewart

By Frank J. Avella | Dec 8
In Ang Lee's latest film, "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk," newcomer Joe Alwyn & Kristen Stewart play a brother and sister torn by the politics of the Iraqi War. EDGE spoke to the actors about the battle they fight over Billy's involvement in the war.

Review :: Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

By Kilian Melloy | Dec 8
Not so much a wrong turn as a dead end, this is a movie completists will take some pleasure in -- but could we please just have another season or two of the TV show?

Review :: Don't Breathe

By Ken Tasho | Dec 8
The recent horror/thriller from this past summer looks phenomenal on Blu-ray, yet disappoints in the special features department.

1 thru 10 of 10657 Stories