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Christina Aguilera :: Singing Gets Me Through It

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

Passionate and powerful while showcasing an artistic spurt of phenomenal growth as a first caliber vocalist, Christina Aguilera has cultivated an inspired and thoroughly entertaining set of new songs on "Lotus."

There is a sense of renewed dedication and creative energy to this collection that is graced with high-energy anthems and introspective ballads of fragile beauty. At the very core is Christina's singular and sensational voice. Her voice can... and does deliver in "spades" an abundance of remarkable range and show-stopping delivery.

Whether it's the come-hither shade of sexuality on "Red Hot Kinda Love," the classic dance-driven vibe of "Let There Be Love" or her brilliant and soul-bearing renditions of "Sing For Me" or "Blank Page," this singular sensation of song has never sounded better or been more in her element than right now for "Lotus."

Capturing this feeling in the introductory opener, her lyrics sum it up so well... "I sing for freedom and for love. I look at my reflection; embrace the woman I've become. The unbreakable lotus in me, I now set free."

Tapping a free moment in her day during her live performances as a coach on "The Voice," Christina Aguilera shared thoughts on her newly-found inspiration, her emotional reflections on some of the songs and why singing will "always" be her first love.

A deeper range

EDGE: On ’Army of Me’ you really show a deeper range at the beginning and it’s brilliant. Is it possible since your last album, your voice has gotten even more powerful?

Christina Aguilera: As artists we always evolve and grow, that’s what makes it interesting and definitely what I try and explain to contestants on ’The Voice.’ With each producer and collaborator I work with I really find new facets to my voice. Even working with Sia allowed me to take an approach I never had before, something softer, less "perfect" and more vulnerable. With this track the power really came from the message of the song. It feels as if it is a Fighter 2.0.

EDGE: There seems to be a core of independent strength in several of the songs presented. What were some of your feelings watching this album come together?

Christina Aguilera: The album is really for my fans, my unbreakable flowers. The title itself represents strength and perseverance and not only standing the test of time and the harshest conditions, but also thriving.

Inspiration from "The Voice"

EDGE: ’Red Hot Kinda Love’ is really fresh and kind of a kid sister to your song ’Candy Man’ in a way.

Christina Aguilera: The song is so carefree and free-spirited. I wanted it to represent that old school block party sort of vibe. The melody is fun and the song in general makes me happy.

EDGE: With your concurring schedule now on ’The Voice,’ what were some of the emotions you were itchin’ to present on "Lotus?"

Christina Aguilera: Being a coach on the show has really inspired me to inspire the next generation of singers and that is the emotion and feeling behind the album. It is meant to inspire, to be fun, to really be an anthem for the new generation who maybe isn’t familiar with ’Genie in a Bottle.’

EDGE: What a major anthem you have in ’Let There Be Love.’ Boom and score on this and some really hot touches throughout the song itself. What does this song remind you of when you are singing it? What kind of a feeling or vibe do you get?

Christina Aguilera: This is definitely the most dance-driven track on the album yet. Max [Martin] still allowed me to unleash my vocals and allowed me creative freedom which is so important to an artist like myself. The feeling/vibe I get is fun, open, embracing personal freedom and everything that you are. When I sing it I think, ’FREE.’

For the fans

EDGE: ’Sing for Me’ has both incredible lyrics and such raw and personal emotion. Please share your back story on this song and how it came to be?

Christina Aguilera: This song was inspired by my teams on ’The Voice’ for sure. It brought me back to the days as a young girl listening to great artists and emulating them. This song is for the fans.

EDGE: Now you go and give me the chills with your vocal gift. ’Blank Page’ is so pretty and you really shine on this one. Please describe your emotional pull for this song?

Christina Aguilera: In ’Blank Page,’ I once again teamed up with Sia [Furler] and it is by far the most vulnerable song on the record. It’s about coming to terms with insecurities, mistakes and regret but also finding peace in that.

More movies?

EDGE: I was thinking that a strong woman and warrior role in a futuristic film musical would be a cool fit for you. Then I hear ’Cease Fire’ and ’Best of Me,’ which lyrically capture strength and conflict. Do you still have a passion for making more films if the project is a right fit for you?

Christina Aguilera: I loved working on film and I would welcome doing it again, but my first love will always be music.

EDGE: You really tell it like it is in ’Circles.’ That’s an excellent way to blow off some steam and in a fun way at that. If you couldn’t sing about it, how would you describe the feeling to someone who hasn’t gone through the madness of the media?

Christina Aguilera: Singing is all I can do to get through it. Wow, if I couldn’t sing as an outlet I don’t know what I would do. Perhaps write. I do also spend a lot of time writing in journals as a form of expression. I think everyone needs an outlet though, to get them through the rough times.

EDGE: To close the album with a righteous country duet with Blake Shelton is excellent! You both go together so fine. Now, I imagine he is your ’Big Bro’ on the show... how did you find this song together?

Christina Aguilera: I couldn’t make a complete album without collaborating with my Big Bro. What a better way to take my first dive into country. It was a great experience and marriage between pop, country and a little soul.

"Lotus" by Christina Aguilera is available at Amazon, iTunes, web retailers and in retail stores.

Watch Christina Aguilera sing "Your Body" from "Lotus":


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