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My City Bikes Campaign Increases Heart Health With Physical Activity

Feb 12
February is American Heart Month, and evidence shows that short bouts of regular exercise like that done in cycling can drastically lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Trans Male Model Lands Upcoming Men's Health Germany Cover

Feb 9
A male model recently made history by becoming the first transgender man to land an upcoming magazine cover for Men's Health Germany.

Healthy Hotels

By Kelli Kennedy | Feb 2
Hotels expand options to keep guests healthy on the road.

Wearable Fitness :: Workout Gadgets

By Joel Martens | Jan 31
Want to be stylish and fit? Check out RAGE Monthly's rundown of all the chic wearable devices that will keep you on track -- and keep you looking good.

Mind, Body & Soul :: Can You Really Gain A Lot of Muscle?

By John Maroussas | Jan 31
I have been working out consistently for over thirty years, and I certainly do not look like a pro bodybuilder. So where is the disconnect?

Bend and a Beer: Yoga and Breweries Team Up

By Kelli Kennedy | Jan 19
Call it detox and retox: Around the country, yogis are jumping up from savasana and hopping onto a barstool as yoga classes are making their way into breweries.

Courtney Paul :: Workin' Out in the Big City

By Joel Martens | Jan 17
Learn how TV fitness personality Courtney Paul got there, where he came from and his philosophy on what is necessary to "work it out" in his world. Lucky for us, he's a "heart on his sleeve" kind of guy, who is wide open and willing to share his journey.

Five Mindless, Harmful Eating Habits to Avoid in 2016

Jan 12
Dr. Chad Larson shares these five great tips on ways to eat healthy all of the time, not just on a crash diet.

Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home!

By Mike Halterman | Jan 10
Sometimes it's difficult to get to the gym. To keep fit, all you need to do is keep up on your light exercises that you can do right in your living room. Here are six that I recommend.

Reasonable Resolutions :: Setting Yourself Up for Success

By Blake Beckcom | Jan 10
Now that the last gift boxes have been put away and the holiday decorations are coming down, the New Year is upon us -- and, along with it, a new set of resolutions.

1 thru 10 of 542 Stories