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Will Food Label Makeover Encourage Healthy Eating?

The FDA's latest nutrition facts are bigger and bolder, and will highlight calorie counts, added sugar and portion sizes.

Podcasts Document America's Obsession with Food

An intimate studio in the backyard of Roberta's restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, is streaming 32 radio programs every week.

Ben & Jerry's New Empower Mint Flavor Benefits NAACP NC, Voter Rights

CORPORATE | By Jeff Taylor | May 22
Ben & Jerry's new flavor, called Empower Mint, is an ice cream with a cause: bring back voting rights to the United States.

Genetically-Engineered Crops Safe to Eat, Report Finds

SCIENCE | May 21
A sweeping new report on genetically-engineered crops could take the debate over food to a new level.

Shiitakepalooza Helps Vermont Mushroom Growers and Aspirants

CORPORATE | By Lisa Rathke | May 11
Spring in Vermont means muddy roads, the return of green to the landscape, farmers planting crops ... and Shiitakepalooza.

FBI Arrests Man Spraying Poison on Michigan Grocery Stores' Food

CRIME | May 8
Investigators say a man in Michigan admitted to spraying a mice poison formula on food in grocery stores.

How Buzzfeed's "Tasty" Videos Come to Life

Buzzfeed's "Tasty" video series has only been around since last summer, but it already has more than 53 million likes on Facebook alone.

McNugget Makeover? McDonald's Tests 'Simpler' Recipe

McDonald's wants to take some of the mystery ingredients out of Chicken McNuggets.

Vermont to Target 'Willful Violations' of GMO Labeling Law

FINANCE | By Lisa Rathke | Apr 13
As Vermont is set to become the first state in the country on July 1 to require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients, the state's attorney general says his office will enforce the law by targeting "willful violations."

Shellfish Behavior: US Lobster Industry at Odds with Sweden

CORPORATE | By Patrick Whittle | Apr 13
Sweden has asked the European Union to bar imports of live American lobsters into the 28-nation bloc, saying the crustaceans could spread disease and overwhelm the smaller European variety by outcompeting them for food.

1 thru 10 of 467 Stories