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Australia Considers Banning Laptops from Airliner Cabins

By Rod McGuirk | May 19
Australia is considering following the United States and Britain in banning laptops from inbound airliner cabins, the prime minister said.

Removal of United Passenger Shines Light on Airport Police

By Don Babwin | Apr 16
A tense, three-hour hearing Thursday about what happened to a passenger dragged from his seat on a United flight exposed confusion even among Chicago city officials about the duties of the little-known police force.

Lawyer: Dragged Passenger Will Need Reconstructive Surgery

By Don Babwin and Sara Burnett | Apr 15
United Airlines and the city of Chicago may find themselves the target of lawsuits by the man who was dragged off a United plane in Chicago last week after refusing to give up his seat.

The Quest to End Lost Airline Luggage

By Scott Mayerowitz | Sep 2
Ultimately the bag tag might be replaced with permanent RFID readers in our suitcases, reducing the chances fliers in the future will start a vacation missing their swimsuit.

Complexity Makes Airline Computer Systems Vulnerable

By David Koenig | Aug 12
Twice in less than a month, a major airline was paralyzed by a computer outage that prevented passengers from checking in and flights from taking off. Why do these kinds of meltdowns keep happening?

Congress Passes Aviation Bill to Close Airport Security Gaps

By Joan Lowy | Jul 14
Congress passed an aviation bill Wednesday that attempts to close gaps in airport security and shorten screening lines, but leaves thornier issues unresolved.

Fliers Beware: New Airfare Rule Could Lead to Costly Mistake

By Scott Mayerowitz | Apr 7
The three largest U.S. airlines have changed the way they price multi-city trips, forcing those who book such itineraries to pay hundreds of extra dollars in airfare.

Bill Would Standardize the Way Airlines Disclose Fees

By Joan Lowy | Mar 12
The government would standardize the way airlines disclose fees for basic services like checked bags, seat assignments and ticket changes so that passengers can more easily comparison-shop the full cost of flights.

Cleaner Skies: Boeing Designs Self-Sterilizing Jet Bathrooms

By Scott Mayerowitz | Mar 8
Boeing engineers think they have a solution for smelly, grimy airplane bathrooms: Ultraviolet light.

Airport Comfort Dogs Help Ease Holiday Travel Stress

Dec 24
A team of professionally trained comfort dogs at Dulles International Airport are helping ease travelers' stresses this holiday season.

11 thru 20 of 442 Stories