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Officials Shouted Down at SF Trans March

NEWS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jul 2
While this year's Trans March ended in celebration with a street renaming after a historic riot, the afternoon got off to a raucous start after several invited elected officials were booed off the stage at Dolores Park.

Live SF Pride Broadcast Axed

NEWS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Jun 26
For the first time in more than two decades a live broadcast of the parade will be unavailable, either online or on cable television. In recent years the online broadcast had attracted a global audience of more than 500,000.

In SF, Latinos March for Orlando

NEWS | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 25
Hundreds of LGBT Latinos and their supporters marched from the Castro to the Mission Saturday, shrouded in grief for the 49 lives lost in the mass shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub and vowing to show love for each other in the face of hate.

Castro Plans for No Pink Saturday

NEWS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Jun 18
This year marks the first time in almost three decades that there won't be a planned celebration in San Francisco's Castro district the night before the city's LGBT Pride parade.

BARchive :: Gay Love in the Haight - A Fifty-Year Bar History

BARS | By Michael Flanagan | Jun 12
Bars have played a huge role in the rich tapestry of gay history. Here's an overview of oral (ahem!) accounts of the Haight's bar scene over half a century.

San Francisco Giving Up On the Pink Party?

LOCAL EVENTS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 27
There will be no Pink Party in the city's gay Castro district the Saturday before the annual LGBT Pride parade this June, marking the first time in more than 20 years the event hasn't taken place in some incarnation.

Federal Recognition Sought for San Francisco LGBT Historic Sites

NATIONAL | By Matthew S. Bajko | Mar 27
Historic preservation officials are seeking federal recognition for four sites in the city that played a role in the history of San Francisco's LGBT community.

Gay Man Works to Bolster SF Arts Scene

FINE ARTS | By Matthew S. Bajko | Mar 19
With artists and cultural institutions struggling to afford to live and do business in San Francisco, Cultural Affairs Director Tom DeCaigny is helming City Hall's efforts to bolster the local arts community.

Abuse of Trans Inmates in San Francisco?

NATIONAL | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Mar 10
The San Francisco Sheriff's Department is investigating a report that some staff have been calling transgender inmates "faggots."

NIMBY Wins; Sex Offender Rehab Co. Gives Up on San Francisco Site

NATIONAL | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Feb 21
Sharper Future, the sex offender rehabilitation company, has announced that it's given up trying to move into San Francisco's Duboce Triangle neighborhood.

1 thru 10 of 159 Stories