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Genetically Modified Foods Confuse Consumers

By Mary Clare Jalonick | May 17
Genetically modified foods have been around for years, but most people in the United States have no idea if they are eating them. The Food and Drug Administration says such foods don’t need to be labeled, so some states are moving forward on their own.

Dieters Move Past Calories, Food Makers Follow

By Candice Choi | Apr 11
The calorie counting that defined dieting for so long is giving way to other considerations, like the promise of more fiber or natural ingredients.

Study Ties Nuts to Lower Cancer, Heart Death Risk

By Marilynn Marchione | Nov 25
Help yourself to some nuts this holiday season: Regular nut eaters were less likely to die of cancer or heart disease - in fact, were less likely to die of any cause - during a 30-year Harvard study.

The 30-Day Vegan Challenge

By EDGE | Jan 8
Did you consume more than your fair share of turkey, roast beef and spiral ham this holiday season? Perhaps it’s time to consider "The Thirty-Day Vegan Challenge."

New Superfood Smoothie Mixers

Nov 21
Timed for launch before the holidays, the 3-Pack of organic smoothie blends is an ideal gift or stocking stuffer for anyone that enjoys delicious gourmet food, or whom may be looking for healthy superfoods to boost a health commitment in the New Year.

Food Label Frenzy

Want to avoid pesticides and antibiotics in your produce, meat, and dairy foods? Prefer to pay more to make sure farm animals were treated humanely, farmworkers got their lunch breaks, bees or birds were protected by the farmer?

Chef Ben Ford of Ford’s Filling Station to Headline Yuma Lettuce Days

Nov 3
Chef Ben Ford, owner of Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, Calif. - and son of actor Harrison Ford - will be the headline chef at Yuma Lettuce Days.

Unveiling the Vegan Lifestyle: Six Points to Ponder

Sep 28
Dietary veganism-the practice of abstaining from eating animal products-is a lifestyle rife with mystery, myths and misconceptions, and is often erroneously regarded as a dietary regime for extremists.

Cool Weather Crops for Autumn Gardening

Aug 15
The growing season isn’t over with the arrival of cool weather. Until the first hard frost hits, you have plenty of time to plant, pick and plate cool-weather crops. You’ll save yourself some money in the grocery’s produce aisle too.

Starbucks’ Evolution into Juice Store and Bakery

Starbucks purchased the Evolution Fresh brand late last year for $30 million. The California-based company uses fresh fruits and a process called high-pressure pasteurization to make the juice without heating it.

1 thru 10 of 43 Stories