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Coffee Talk: Riding Java's 'Third Wave'

By Andy Smith | Oct 7
America may be late to the party, but it looks like we're making a full court (French) press as we transition from Sanka to Starbucks to a limitless array of caffeinated options.

Federal Judge Puts Starbucks Lawsuit on Ice

By Brian Melley | Aug 25
A federal judge has thrown cold water on a lawsuit that claimed Starbucks defrauded customers by adding ice to its cold beverages.

Equator Coffee: Making History, One Cup at at Time

By Heather Cassell | Apr 18
The lesbian-owned Northern California-based craft coffee and roastery have become the first-ever LGBT business in the nation to be awarded "Small Business of the Year" by California.

Coffee Shops Brew Success in North Korean Capital

By Eric Talmadge | Apr 6
Pyongyang may be one of the few major cities left on Earth where you can't find a Starbucks. But it's brimming over with coffee shops.

Caffeinated Rewards: A Look at Coffee Loyalty Programs

By Candice Choi | Mar 31
Some Starbucks customers are vowing to take their money elsewhere after the company said it was overhauling its loyalty program, but finding an alternative may require a little homework.

Artsy Coffee Chain Blue Bottle Brews Long Lines in Tokyo

May 26
Japan, famous for green tea, is welcoming artisanal American coffee roaster Blue Bottle with long lines that have at times meant a four-hour wait for a cup.

Coffee Talk: The Latest Trends for the Ultimate Brew

By Laura Grimmer | Apr 15
EDGE food writer Laura Grimmer travels across the pond and back in search of the perfect cup of joe. She discovers that what is old is new again, and it doesn’t take a lot of complicated technology for a well-brewed cup of coffee.

Bubble and Squeak: England’s Comeback Cuisine Makes Its Mark

By Laura Grimmer | Apr 4
While previously we Americans might have been jealous of the British for their dry sense of humor and their gin, we were always confident in one thing: Our food was better. No more. The British culinary scene is not on its way -- it has arrived.

Concord’s Culinary Cache

By J.M. Hirsch | Jul 21
Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or a caffeine addiction, Concord, New Hampshire offers some charming storefronts worth checking out while you’re en route to the lakes and mountains of the Northeast.

What’s in Your Venti? Starbucks Starts Counting Calories

By Candice Choi | Jun 20
Which has more calories - a small caramel Frappuccino or a similar sized Iced Caffe Mocha? Starting June 25, customers will be able to see calorie counts in Starbucks’ 11,000 U.S. locations.

1 thru 10 of 25 Stories