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’The Ultimate Fighter’ Contestant Outed as a Sean Cody Model

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

A mixed martial artist who will be on the upcoming season of FX's reality show "The Ultimate Fighter" has been outed as a former model for the gay porn website Sean Cody, Adult Video News reported.

Dakota Cochrane, 25, who went under the handle "Danny" started performing at Sean Cody model since 2008 and has participated in solo scenes as well as hardcore scenes with other male actors.

"It's definitely a decision I regret," Cochrane told "If I would have known what would happen I definitely wouldn't have done it. But I had money issues and I needed help. I went there to do pictures, and they started throwing pretty high numbers in front of me. I didn't really think. It was a big mistake."

When Cochrane applied for the reality show he told producers about his porn past in an audition tape.

"I think it’s a little bit courageous for both of us," he said. "I could just hide in a hole and no one would know except for the people close to me. And to them, I was up front. I let them know right away so it wasn’t anything that could come back and bite them in the butt. I think maybe they respected that a little bit. I think some people judge against it, some people will be OK with it. Some people will want me to get my butt kicked, and hopefully others will respect what I’m trying to do."

The fighter says he is not gay but told that he has earned about $80,000 from doing gay porn, which he made while he was attending the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

"Every time I was down there, I hated it," Cochrane said. He stopped performing once he told his girlfriend Lacey Sechtem, who asked him to stop. Since doing gay porn, Cochrane married Sechtem and has become the father of two children.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship president, Dana White, said that the organization would welcome a gay athlete.

"I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out," White said. "I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one. I mean, it’s 2012. Give me a break."


  • , 2012-03-01 03:04:58

    OMG I have bin in marshalarts for years as a openly disexual man. You git strength From the looks and remarks. I hope him the best and if he whonts a good fight come to Texas.

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