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Watch: Colton Haynes Opens Up About Intense 'AHS' Sex Scene with Billy Eichner

Wednesday Oct 18, 2017
Colton Haynes
Colton Haynes  (Source:Instagram / @coltonlhaynes)

Colton Haynes is dishing about the steamy sexy scene he had with "American Horror Story: Cult" costar Billy Eichner last week.

Speaking with ET, Haynes confessed his fiance Jeff Leatham apparently had no problem watching the scene.

"I just showed him [the scene] in the car and he was laughing," Haynes, 29, told ET. "He loves Billy Eichner and so do I," Haynes adds. "Jeff's so used to it.

"That's my job. We had protection on," Haynes added. "We had clothes on and it's just fun. Billy and I laugh the whole time ... it was awkward. So awkward, but we got through it."

Haynes teased more sex scenes on upcoming episodes of "AHS: Cult." He said the scenes will be "with multiple cast members, some you would never expect."

The actor also discussed his upcoming wedding with Leatham, a celebrity florist.

"I'm getting married in, like, two weeks, so yeah, I'm freaking out!" Haynes told ET. "So excited ... we just locked in a really great musical guest, which we didn't have, so I'm taking all the credit for that. I locked him in last night.

"It's going to be epic, it's going to be beautiful," he added. "Lots of flowers and a lot of really cool, couture costume changes."

He also confessed he has at least two outfit changes during the wedding and that he's going to throw a Halloween party a week before he ties the knot. Haynes is known for going all-out on Halloween and said this year's costume will be no different.

"I'm gonna be very sexy this year," he told ET. "I'm not going to be very big, but I'm going to be very voluptuous ... a lot of prosthetics [and] a big wig."

Watch Haynes speak with ET below.


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