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An Overwhelmed Casey Abrams

by MK Scott .
Monday Aug 8, 2011

A chat with "Idol" alum, quirky, multi-talented Casey Abrams.

OutView: How has the tour been going so far?

Casey: Oh, it's been fun, it's been, I mean, we've only had one venue so far and it's been great, and I can't wait to do this place now. This is going to be fun.

OutView: Alright, and on the show what was the best moment?

Casey: Oh, man, you know what? I think it's the fact, I could say the JLo kiss, but I would, but I'm going to say it's the jazz experience, the fact that I got to play upright bass, and do the kind of music that I'd do at a jazz recital. And people responded well. So that's my favorite experience.

OutView: What was your least favorite experience?

Casey: Mmm, that's a good question. My least favorite experience on Idol? The fact that it ended too soon. The fact that I can't do it again next year. 'Cause this, I took it as a serious job, and you know, people like Ryan Seacrest work all the time, 24 hours a day, well, not 24, well, like, you know, seven days a week, he's always working. And that's what we were doing. You know, even on Sundays we did the Ford Music Video shoot. So the fact that, as soon as I got voted off, I wasn't doing anything for like three hours. I was like, I feel like I should be doing something. So I'm going to miss, I'm going to miss the experience. That's what I hate most.

OutView: Alright, and ... what is next for you?

Casey: Next on the line I'm trying, I'm thinking of doing a record of some sort. Throwing in some upright bass with electric guitars, maybe some drums, and a couple of ethnic instruments, maybe a sitar in there. Who knows? I, yeah, something not heard before on a pop record.

OutView: So you want to create your own mix, which you do quite well, you know, when you were doing that.

Casey: Thank you, I appreciate that.

OutView: And you and Stefano and James were all part of a band. Do you see that continuing?

Casey: Yes. Yes. Me and James, Paul and Stefano. I think that will be a fun band. I mean, we practice a lot, you know, without the band, I play bass, there's two guitarists, Stefano plays keys. We all sing and harmonize. And I think it's fun, it's lots of fun, so I don't see why I wouldn't continue.

OutView: And OUTscene is a website and series that is targeted towards the LGBT community and pop culture. There are a lot of our fans that are fans of Idol. And wanted to find out if you had a message for your gay fans.

Casey: A message for my gay fans? I guess don't be afraid to be who you are. I mean, I'm wearing these nasty clothes that my mom told me not to wear, who the producer said, you know, stop wearing these plaid shorts. But it's what's comfortable. And you don't want to be uncomfortable in life. So if people say, hey, don't be yourself, tell 'em to screw off. That's what I'd say. And be yourself. I mean, that's, I don't want to sound corny and be like, you know, like everyone else who says be yourself, but that's just the most basic, you really have to think about it and don't be afraid. In the words of Lady Gaga, baby, you were born this way.

OutView: And I have a Twitter question from Ethan. What's so special about the year 1783 that you want to go back in time and go to that?

Casey: Absolutely nothing. I just picked a random date. I don't know, I just, I want to, I would just start there just to see what the year would be like. And then from there I'd ask around and say, what do you guys expect in the future? What happened in the past that was so cool? You know, 'cause all we have - I don't know a lot about history, but I was just guessing a random date, but I'm going to do a new date and whenever George Washington was around, because we have painters that painted George Washington's face. Maybe they were inaccurate. So maybe we can see - and this is a completely different topic, I'm sorry, but anyway - the next question.

OutView: You were eliminated and your reaction was surprise and tense. What was going through your mind?

Casey: Guilt. It was more guilt than happiness, which in retrospect I should've been happy, but. I just felt bad because I just knew going out there, in fact, I had a conversation with one of the producers, that was filming that day. I said, you know what, it would be funny if, if somebody gets saved right now, they're either going to have eleven or nine people on tour. You know? So it's going to be weird. And they wouldn't use the save. It was like, we know, they're not going to use the save, we know it for a fact. But, you know, so going out there I really expected I was going home, so the fact that they said, hey, you're saved, I was just more in shock. I was more in shock. I was like, this is, you guys are crazy. Why would you do this? But then I was like, I think I was being, I was thinking a little bit too much about the process and not about myself. So.

OutView: Well, that expression will live in Idol history forever.

Casey: Uh-oh. Whoopsie.

OutView: Well, thank you so much. Best of luck to you. And hopefully we'll see you around very soon and keep on going with the good work.

Casey: Thanks a lot.

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