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Director Sabine Bernardi on "Romeos"

By Ethan L. McMahon | Tuesday Oct 11, 2011
Female-to-Male transgendered people have not been a widely discussed topic, historically focus has been on the Male-to-Female, but recently there has been a shift in attention.

"Bellflower" Rises From Ashes Of Failed Romance For Evan Glodell

By Sara Michelle Fetters | Thursday Sep 8, 2011
Made on a shoestring, the independently produced drama Bellflower tells the story of a Mad Max-obsessed adult adolescent named Woodrow (Evan Glodell) who finds himself in an intense relationship with the woman of his dreams, Milly (Jessie Wis

An Overwhelmed Casey Abrams

By MK Scott | Monday Aug 8, 2011
A chat with "Idol" alum, quirky, multi-talented Casey Abrams.

"Idol" Alum Stefano Langone Has A Message For His Gay Fans

By MK Scott | Monday Jul 25, 2011
"Idol" alum Stefano Langone discusses the "American Idol" tour and gives a special message to his GLBT fans.

Nina Here Nor There

By Lincoln Rose | Friday Jul 8, 2011
Some books feel universal. They reach across time and space, imparting feelings and lessons that impact people deeply. Nina Here Nor There is not this sort of work, and that’s okay.

Seattle Men’s Chorus Closes Season with ’FUN’

By MK Scott | Wednesday Jul 6, 2011
What do you get when you combine the Seattle Men’s Chorus’ 60’s, 70’, 80’s Tribute concerts with the crispness of the 2002’s ABBA Tribute concert? You get Top Notch Entertainment with lots of Nostalgic FUN on the Friday Night of Pride Weekend!

Judy Rickard On "Torn Apart, United by Love, Divided by Law!"

By MK Scott | Monday Jun 27, 2011
With all the talk about gay Marriage and Immigration I was thrilled to meet and chat with Judy Rickard the 60 yr who has experienced decreased time with her partner, Karin , who is a citizen of the UK.

Catching Up With "Queer Eye"s Thom Filicia

By MK Scott | Tuesday Jun 21, 2011
Interior designer and reality TV star Thom Filicia was in Seattle from May 19 to 21st for the DIFFA Glam show at Masons (May 19) and a Cocktail Party sponsored by Dot 429 was at the W Hotel (May 20th).

Terry Miller Says "It Gets Better"

By Adrian Ryan | Thursday Jun 16, 2011
Terry Miller is one of the most influential gay men in America-whether you recognize his name or not.

What a Sissy.... Revealing Moments with Francois Sagat

By Adrian Ryan | Monday Jun 13, 2011
Francois Sagat has been one of the adult male industry’s biggest stars for nearly decade. Now he’s taking roles in indie & mainstream films. Here he talks about his latest "Men in Bath."

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