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100-Year-Old Church Installs Gay Pastor

Aug 18
An Ohio church marking its 100th anniversary has installed its first openly gay pastor.

Police: Italian Priest Stole Nuns’ Money to Pay for Gay Sex

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 9
Italian police say a priest allegedly stole cash from a convent so he could pay his gay lover for sex.

Pope’s Comments Push LGBTQ Equality Issues Forward

By David Perry | Aug 1
LGBT groups and Catholic leaders react to Pope Francis’ unprecedented remarks about gay priests.

Analysis: Pope’s Revolution; Not All are Pleased

By Nicole Winfield | Jul 31
The Francis Revolution is underway. Not everyone is pleased.

Is the Catholic Church Overripe With Gay Scandal?

By Antoinette Weil | Jul 4
As the pope acknowledges the existence of a "gay lobby" within the Vatican, the Italian press uncovers an alleged secret blogspot used as a gay hookup site for closeted gay clergy.

Pro-Marriage Equality Argentinian Priest Defrocked

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 18
The Vatican has defrocked a gay priest from Argentina who supported the country’s gay marriage bill in 2010.

Pa. Trial Shows Church Abuse Allegations Strategy

By Maryclaire Dale | Apr 2
Court files show a priest who wrote x-rated letters about young boys was sent to a church-run treatment center for priests, where staff concluded he did not have "a pathological interest in children or adults."

Report Details Gay High Life Among Catholic Clerics

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 2
A new report from a Catholic lay group suggests that a Catholic Archbishop presided over a gay clerical culture during his tenure in Miami, with sexual activity among priests and seminarians the least of the hijinks that supposedly went on.

Caught on Film: Catholic Priests, in Gay Clubs, Having Casual Sex

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 23
Italy, a devoutly Catholic country, has been shocked at reports of Catholic priests being filmed having sex in gay clubs by a magazine reporter.

Out Gay Priest, Singer Memorializes Jackson with ’Lord’s Prayer’ Dance Version

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 7
Combining prayer and pop, out gay Catholic priest and singer Big Mama Capretta (also known as Father Anthony) has paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson with a dance version of "The Lord’s Prayer."

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