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THE FUTURE OF SEX by Karina Velasco and Lawrence Lanoff!

"Our mission with the Yorgasmic Method is to empower your sexuality for you to rediscover and tap into the purest, wildest essence of the gift of pleasure, so that you can connect with your spirituality and live life to the fullest" - Karina and Lawrence.

In a world in which any kind of information is just a click away, confusion nevertheless reigns, particularly as concerns our sexuality, which has been vilified and Satanized since medieval times; pornography has misled us and distorted the notion of pleasure, and taboos surrounding our bodies have not disappeared, even in the 21st century.The Yorgasmic Method is a window: a fresh perspective that redefines sexuality and draws on the power of erotic and orgasmic awareness to open the doors to freedom, energy, and personal power. This book contains all the tools you need to start shaping and experiencing full-blooded relationships and a deep-seated intimacy in a more empowering, spiritual way.

About Karina Velasco:

Karina Velasco is an expert in personal transformation and energetics. She is the founder and creator of the Yorgasmic Method which is focused on personal freedom, self realization, spirituality and conscious sexuality. Her passion is to support people in their path to freedom by deepening their connections with themselves and others. A woman with more than 25 years of experience across a wide range of disciplines, she has the ability to translate complex concepts into simple, fun and practical tools.

As an influential author and speaker, she teaches practical skills to help people claim their power and find creative solutions that will bring about positive change in their lives. She believes that we can all learn through pleasure and joy — not just through suffering. She thrives in helping you to create the life and relationships you deserve through a playful, soft and enjoyable process.

Karina conducts workshops and intensives on topics such as the energetics of sexuality, human connection, personal empowerment and relationship skills, along with hosting conferences on self-transformation. She is an energy healing therapist and a personal transformation mentor. She is the author of the best-selling books The Art of Healthy Living, From the Sweet Spot to the G-Spot, The Colors of Love (published by Random House Penguin in both English and Spanish), Creative Flow Dynamics and her new book The Future of Sex. Her show, "Sexualidad Integral" can be viewed in all of Latin America, and her show "Coffee, Tea or Sex" can be found on YouTube. Her company is a space to discover the Yorgasmic Method, blogs and online courses.

Karina has varied certifications. She is a Natural Foods Chef, an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Sivananda and a Yoga Works certified yoga teacher. She has training in Tantra xo, Skydancing Tantra, Tantric massage, Esalen massage, universal energy, light therapy, body dearmoring, quantum healing, watsu, Human design and mind deprogramming, among many others.




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