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NJ Lesbian Sheriff Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Her Department

By Ryan Lynch | Sunday Dec 17, 2017
A New Jersey police officer is filing a discrimination lawsuit which alleges her supervisors created a hostile work environment for her.

The Rise and Fall of the GLBT Newspaper Florida Agenda

By Norm Kent | Sunday Dec 17, 2017
Bobby Blair had a dream: He wanted to take a small paper and transform it into a worldwide LGBT phenomenon. He tried. He crashed. He burned. And took a lot of people down with him in the process.

Openly Gay Florida State Rep Running for Congress

By Jose Cassola | Saturday Dec 16, 2017
Five years ago, David Richardson was the first openly gay state representative elected in Florida. Now the elected official is looking to become the first openly gay Congressman in the Southeast.

Religious Exemptions Hurting Children

By Christiana Lilly | Saturday Dec 16, 2017
The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2017, introduced in April by Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., would allow agencies, such as adoption and foster childcare charities, to turn away people because they don't meet their religious standards.

LGBT Youth Facility Opens In Fort Lauderdale

By John McDonald | Saturday Dec 16, 2017
Julian's Fountain of Youth cut its ribbon last week in Fort Lauderdale.

MS Supreme Court to Decide If Divorced Lesbian Couple Can Both Be Biological Parents

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Dec 16, 2017
The Mississippi Supreme Court will soon decide if a lesbian couple can both be labeled as the biological parent now that that they are divorced.

DOJ Appeals Decision to Allow Transgender Troops Next Year

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Dec 16, 2017
After having its ban on transgender military service overturned twice, the Department of Justice is appealing a Jan. 1, 2018 deadline to allow those soldiers to serve.

5 Big-Name LGBT-Friendly Businesses to Support During the Holidays

By Brittany Ferrendi | Thursday Dec 14, 2017
Last year, SFGN covered five LGBT-friendly stores to support while doing your holiday shopping. This year, we're bringing five more into the spotlight so you can feel twice as good about your purchase.

Trans Activists, Journalists Discuss Coverage Issues

By John McDonald | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
Transgender life stories and community issues were discussed last Thursday evening inside a petite gallery space on Wilton Drive.

Northern Ireland Has Its Own Civil Law Cake Battle

By Donyae Lewis | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
This week, the U.S. Supreme court heard arguments on a 2012 discrimination case involving a bakery denying service to a gay couple due to religious beliefs. But there's a similar battle in Northern Ireland.

Russia Allows Rainbow Flags at 2018 FIFA World Cup

By Ryan Lynch | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
Russia will allow rainbow flags to be displayed during the 2018 FIFA World Cup despite a anti-gay propaganda law that makes the display of these symbols in public illegal.

Man's Fall From Cliff Ruled a Hate Crime 30 Years Later

By Donyae Lewis | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
With his clothes folded neatly into a pile and student I.D. left out along with other miscellaneous items, young gay teen Scott Johnson fell to his death from a cliff in Sydney, Australia. The year was 1988.

Marines' Punishment Included Forced Masturbation to Gay Pornography

By Donyae Lewis | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
A trial is currently underway for two British Royal Marine corporals who are accused of administering hazing punishments that included being whipped and forced to strip and masturbate to gay pornography.

God Goes Gender-Neutral... in Sweden

By Donyae Lewis | Sunday Dec 10, 2017
Is God a man? Or a woman? Or neither? Or both? Humans may never truly know the answer to that. But the Church of Sweden recently decided their God is going gender-neutral.

First Openly Lesbian NBA Referee to Get Award

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
Violet Palmer, the first female referee in NBA history, will be awarded for her contributions as being an out women of color.

MSNBC News Anchor Apologizes after Homophobic Blog Posts Revealed

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
MSNBC Anchor Joy Reid publically apologized Monday after a Twitter user found homophobic remarks on her blog.

Ad Campaign Points Up Dangers of SCOTUS Discrimination Case

By Donyae Lewis | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
"[T]he impact of such a decision wouldn't be limited to LGBT people; it could be used to allow discrimination against people of color, women, minority faiths, people with disabilities, and others."

Transgender Professor Awarded $1.1 Million in Discrimination Case

By Ryan Lynch | Saturday Dec 9, 2017
A former University of Oklahoma professor was awarded over $1 million in damages after a jury found she was discriminated against for being transgender.

Sri Lankan Government Plans to Decriminalize Homosexuality

By Donyae Lewis | Monday Dec 4, 2017
The country of Sri Lanka is making a progressive and monumental shift as they work to revise their laws to protect LGBT people.

New Documentary Film Project Explores Sexual Fluidity in Male Black America

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Dec 3, 2017
A documentary film project illustrates the challenges and expression of being a black bisexual man in the United States.

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