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Watch: Colbert Slams Anti-LGBTQ Mass. Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Lively

Wednesday Jun 20, 2018
A photo of Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively appears next to "Late Show" host Steven Colbert.
A photo of Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively appears next to "Late Show" host Steven Colbert.  (Source:YouTube Still via CBS)

On his "Late Show," host Stephen Colbert is starting a new segment in which he profiles one of the several candidates during the midterm elections this year. On his Tuesday night show, Colbert took aim at Scott Lively, who is vying to be the next governor of Massachusetts... and is massively anti-LGBTQ.

Unsurprisingly, Colbert lays into Lively, calling him, "sea captain waiting for the Zoloft to kick in." He then points out, when Googling Lively, related search results include Adolf Hitler.

"That's not a good sign for your brand!" he says. "It's like if your company sold cat food and on Amazon it said, 'Customers who bought this item also bought cat coffins.' "

Colbert then explains how Lively published a book in 1995 called "The Pink Swastika," where "he asserted that the Nazi party... was controlled by 'militaristic' homosexuals.'"

"Well that's a new one to blame on the gays!" he says. "Let's add it to the big board!"

The camera then shows a "Family Feud"-style board that reads, "Things People Blame On Gays," which include, terrorism, the end of "Lost," pink eye, ruining Thanksgiving, and "Solo's" performance.

"Really, 'Solo?' Happy Pride month everybody!" Colbert adds.

Later in the segment, Colbert points out Lively may be changing his tune when it comes to LGBTQ issues. In an article, Lively wrote he has "some fence mending that I need to do with people in the LGBT community... sometimes you fall into hyperbole, and I'm guilty of some hyperbole."

"No, I'm sorry. 'I just caught the biggest fish in history,' is hyperbole. 'The Holocaust was caused by gay Nazis' is a Cards Against Humanity combo," Colbert said.

Watch the clip below.

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