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Watch: Randy Rainbow Returns with A Few of Trump's Favorite Things

by Kilian Melloy
Thursday Dec 6, 2018
Randy Rainbow, a.k.a., Such A Nasty Comedian
Randy Rainbow, a.k.a., Such A Nasty Comedian  (Source:YouTube screen grab)

Political satirist Randy Rainbow has released another in his series of genuinely fake news (as opposed to regular "fake news" - which is to say, real news). Once again the comedian stitches together footage of himself with interview footage of the president, in order to create a hilarious musical parody. The theme this time? Here are some clues:

  • "Hannity's voice on your phone when it rings."

  • " 'Lock her up!' chants like his base always sings."

  • "Five-dollar spray tans with under-eye rings."

    That's right: Rainbow has zeroed in an a few of the president's favorite things. And he delivers the wish list to the tune of the famed Rogers & Hammerstein song from the musical "The Sound of Music."

    The interview starts with Rainbow chatting on his cell phone as the president waits impatiently. No sooner has the interview commenced than, with a clap of menacing thunder, the topic turns to the Mueller investigation into allegations that the Trump campaign may have collaborated with Russia during the 2016 election. Rainbow offers the beleaguered president — who has been described by some as increasingly agitated as the Mueller probe draws in more and more of his associates — a recipe for happiness even in the most troubled of times: Simply dwell on the things that bring you joy. Like "Judges who fly into partisan rages," for instance.

    "When anything bothers me, or my entire family is about to be charged with treason, I try to think of nice things," Rainbow counsels. "I mean, there are so many things that make you happy.... Raindrops on roses and whiskers of kittens. Destroying the First Amendment. White nationalists!"

    Rainbow then launches into the song, his lyrics reflecting the pileup of scandals the Trump administration has faced since even before the president's barely-attended inauguration.

    "Burying tax returns after you file 'em," Rainbow offers. "Tear-gassing migrants for seeking asylum. Big fat-ass buckets of fried chicken wings!"

    Rainbow goes on to list a dizzying array of further controversies, such as "Siding with Saudi Arabian Kings," "KGB playdates and absolute power; porn stars and playmates who charge by the hour," and "Red MAGA hats that you had made in Taiwan," as Trump interjects with declarations of, "I did nothing wrong," "There was no collusion whatsoever," and "The news about me is largely phony."

    "When your friends flip; when your day sucks; when your hair looks bad," Rainbow serenades 45, "just blame all the victims and praise all the schmucks and then you won't feel so sad." The last word, of course, is a direct reference to one of Trump's favorite Twitter expressions, a fact underscored when the comedian holds up a small sign with "SAD!" written across it. Moments later, one of Rainbow's signature choruses made up of multiple images of himself — this time with Rainbow portraying both male and female backup singers dressed in stereotypical Alpine costumes — appears onscreen and joins in.

    All in all, the new video is a compilation of the Trump administration's greatest hits, plus one very famous favorite tune about favorite things. As always, though, the music and mockery are a mashup done in Rainbow's inimitable style.

    Watch the YouTube video below.

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