Jennifer Coolidge Happy to Leave 'Gold Digger' Roles Behind

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday May 25, 2022

Jennifer Coolidge on "The White Lotus"
Jennifer Coolidge on "The White Lotus"  (Source:HBO Max)

After the success of her role on HBO's "White Lotus," Jennifer Coolidge says she is happening to be doing something different.

Coolidge told Vanity Fair that she felt there was a long period over her career where she kept toggling among roles of being a MILF, a gold digger or a ditz.

"I did these jobs that I felt like locked me into a certain perception," said Coolidge in conversation with fellow "American Pie" alum Natasha Lyonne. "I was in this weird bubble for a really long time. And it just goes to show that you should really hold out and not just keep repeating yourself, but I was always desperate for the job. A lot of the time I was like, 'I don't know if I'll ever have an offer again.'"

Luckily for everyone's entertainment, the offers have kept rolling in for Coolidge and she is presently the frontrunner at Gold for Best Supporting Actress Emmy in a Movie or Limited Series.

Thinking about her career, Coolidge said she wishes she took more control.

"I guess that's what happens to us a lot unless we steer it a different way. I wish I had been more involved in the control of my career. I just sat back, I was very passive," she said.

Despite what one might think, it's difficult to know where things stand, said Coolidge.

"It's hard to know who you are sometimes," she said, "and it's weird how you have this idea of who you think you are."

Judging by the reactions to her role in "White Lotus," many people think she is a star.